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For a family friendly, crime free Grande Prairie, 
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Solomon Okhifoh

Hello Grande Prairie! It is time to put the right people in council. People who will work for you and not for themselves. People who are determined to see that Grande Prairie is safe, strong, affordable and highly integrated. 


My Platform

These are the reasons, why I want to be your councillor and the basis on which I will propose or support a motion. If it tends to safety, strong economy, affordable city and integrated community.

Safe, Crime free Grande Prairie

  • Move Grande Prairie from the list of most dangerous cities to safest cities

  • Establishment of a strong and effective Crime Prevention Strategy

Strong Economy

  • Strong support to oil and gas industry

  • Economic Diversification Strategies

  • Establishment of a Regional Economic Development Corporation

Affordable City

  • Property tax stabilization

  • Strong commitment to end homelessness

  • Affordable recreation centres

  • Innovative Transit System

Integrated Communities

  • Establishment of strong neighborhood associations

  • Make visible the provisions of Canada’s multicultural policy

Submit an endorsement

I have been involved with various projects and have worked with many of you that are viewing this website right now. I would appreciate if you can submit an endorsement, to help the citizens of Grande Prairie know me better. Thank you. 

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